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    SWILA Championship Games are scheduled for Saturday, July 26th (July 27th rain date) at Silver Cross Field.  The Colt game starts at 11:30am, Palomiono starts at 2:00pm and Collegiate at 4:30pm. 

    Directors Meeting will be held August 1st at Silver Cross Hall of Fame room. Contact Wayne Demkowicz or Bill Schaaf at wayne.demkowicz@gmail.com or bschaaf@schaafequipment.com.

     Important Fall 2014 Dates:  SWILA Fall season begins September 2nd to October 17th. Playoffs begin October 18th and World Series is October 26th at Silver Cross Field in Joliet, IL (11:00 am and 1:30 pm).

Click here for 2014 Colt Playoff Brackets, updated July 23.

Click here for 2014 Palomino Playoff Brackets, updated July 23.

Click here for 2014 Collegiate Playoff Brackets, updated July 23.


**For a list of SWILA Directors, please click here**  

About SWILA Baseball

The Southwest Inter-League Association (SWILA) is a rule and scheduling body for predefined southwest Chicago suburb districts. Teams play nine home and nine away games throughout the year, based on their chosen days. Teams that are within the SWILA region do not travel very far to play other teams within their division. There is a $300 fee to join the SWILA community. The money goes straight into a fund which is seen immediately back by playing All-Star and Championship games at the beautiful Silver Cross Field, home of the Joliet Slammers.

Other fee also covers, IHSA official umpires for the Championship games, as well as the trophies for the runner-up and winners. The All-star game is played near the end of June in Joliet at Silver Cross Field and is comprised of one player from each team. The Championship game for each league also takes place in Joliet. This is one game after 2 weeks of a bracket playoff system around each league.

The different leagues in the SWILA organization are: Colt, Palomino, Colt Select, and Collegiate. Fall Ball is also included but played during the fall. These leagues are made up of high school and collegiate students who have a passion for baseball, and wish to continue their excellent play at a competitive level.